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Medical contraindication PDF Print E-mail
  • black skin
  • pregnant women
  • wounded, burned or irritated skin
  • skin lesion which required medical attention
  • risky areas (spots, birthmarks, warts, unhealed wounds, etc)
  • moles: if they are located in the area to be treated, they should first be covered using thePatches/they comes with the device/
  • tattooed areas; cosmetic tattoo (for example, lip contour) or aesthetic tattoo regardless of colour
  • if you suffer from a skin disease (eczema, inflammations, acne, etc)
  • if you are undergoing photosensitizing treatment (consult your doctor)
  • if you have experienced skin pathologies in the past, you should consult your doctor before IPL treatment
  • if you have experienced a sunburn within the past month

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