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For many men and women unwanted hair often unsightly or at most inconvenient is requiring several treatments.

Intense pulsed light is safe and effective method of dramatically reducing unwanted hair from the face and body. IPL target the hair follicle and delivers light to break down the hair follicle to reduce re-growth like no other conventional hair removal system,  leaving your skin smooth and hairless with no shaving bumps, ingrown  hair or bristles.

All areas of the face and body can be treated apart from the sensitive eye area. Due to the hair growth cycle a course of 3-6 treatments 4 weeks apart is recommended for best results. An annual top up is also recommended.

The E-one device, which won product of the year award in France 2008; it is less painful and invasive than laser with faster results.

E-one gives you professional results in the privacy of your own home.



Relax at home, feel wonderful, look fantastic!

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