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Indiba has developed and patented a range of regenerative radio frequency equipment which uses high frequency currents to raise the internal temperature of human tissue.

The deep tissue temperature increase is just like a physiological fever in that it results in cell regeneration.

Indiba beauty Care System delivers fast and highly effective results.

Minimal contraindications apart from heart pacemakers and pregnancy.

Revitalization Oxygenation Detoxification Cell regeneration Moisturizing and Firming results.

Indiba Aesthetics ensures visible results from the 1st session in the following treatments.

Please note all Indiba Treatments are caring out in 100 Harley Street.Please call to arrange you booking at 07973784889 02074867010

Facial and Body Treatments:

  • anti-aging expression lines
  • double chin
  • under-eyes bags/dark circles
  • sagging skin and wrinkles
  • pigmentation
  • acne
  • firm and tone the skin
  • define facial contours
  • cellulite
  • stretch marks
  • recent and old scars
  • firming breasts and buttocks
  • localized fat


Facial treatment


Indiba Eye treatment


Indiba Facial +Galvanic Treatment with AgeLOC serums/Latest Technology in aging working at genetic level /

Indiba Cellulite treatment


Indiba Breast treatment


Indiba Stomach treatment


Indiba Arms treatment





Relax at home, feel wonderful, look fantastic!

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